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English Future with WILL – Futuro con WILL

Future with WILL

Structure and syntax
The structure of WILL is quite simple. There is only one conjugation and we always use the verb in the infinitive form.

Positive form

  • Subject + [WILL + Infinitive verb] + Complement
- Tom will never get married.
- She will pay you next week.
- I will love you forever

Negative form

  • Subject + [WILL NOT (WON'T)+ Infinitive verb] + Complement
- It won’t rain today
- Seth and Tom won’t come to class today.
- I won’t be late anymore.

Question form

  • Question Word + [WILL + Subject + Infinitive verb] + Complement
- What will you study?
Will Maria live in Spain?
- How long will Mark stay in Peru?

Como vemos la estructura es bastante simple. Siempre usamos WILL y de allí el verbo siempre va en la forma infinitiva sin conjugación.

- Maria will never change. She is very stubborn.
- Don’t worry. It won’t rain today. You don’t need to take your raincoat.
Will Mr. Goldbert be the next president?


We use the structure WILL in the following situations:
  • INSTANT or spontaneous  DECISIONS
El truco de aprender la forma WILL no es tanto es como formar la estructura sino en usarlo en las situaciones correctas. Quiero que vean a la estructura WILL no solo como el tiempo FUTURO ya que eso no les va a servir de mucho sino en saber que usamos WILL paratomar decisiones, expresar promesas, predicciones, y ofrecer algo.
- We don’t have any beer left. Don’t worry. I‘ll buy some (INSTANT DECISIONS).
- Can you lend me some money? I’ll pay you back next month (PROMISES)
- The Peruvian football team will go to the next world cup (PREDICTIONS)
- (You see an old lady lifting a heavy bag) I’ll help you (INSTANT OFFERS)

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